To deliver excellent and undisputable top of the range services to a discerning clientele base through the application of custom solutions guided by best industry practice.


To be the go-to firm of choice, serving a niche discerning clientele in the optimization of their real estate investments to achieve the highest and best returns


Excellence, Professionalism, Integrity, Proactivity, Diligence and Respect for the client are the cornerstones of our practice.


As a real estate firm, we offer our highly esteemed clients the opportunity to partner with them on a mutually beneficial relationship in the real estate projects they are engaged in.


Our focus always is to understand the dynamics of the market they operate in and identify the unique opportunities that lie therein/exist thereof. We believe that every operation is unique, hence we employ due diligence while assessing our clients situation to effectively offer solutions that will address most of their challenges. We take pleasure in delivering quality service to our clients, in a timely and cost effective manner through the application of industry standard procedures and best practices using contemporary technology delivered by the most qualified and highly skilled manpower.


Our unique ability to plan our work before execution, ability to manage people, change and maintain quality and technology in order to achieve goals, reach target and deliver the project on time and within budget is the bedrock of our existence and makes us an invaluable partner in the industry.

Ugo Henry Ejim

(B.Sc., ANIVS, RSV, AMP) -

Principal Partner


Chinanu Anthony Boniface

(B. Sc. Hons. (Nig.), ANIVS, RSV) - Managing Partner

Charles Ngozi Ukandu

B.Sc. ANIVS, RSV - Partner